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Navigating The Path To Wealth Accumulation Can Feel Incredibly Daunting...

Navigating towards a secure and comfortable retirement, especially for those in their 40s and 50s, can often seem like a complex puzzle. While it’s commonly believed that earning more and saving diligently are the cornerstones of building wealth, the true essence lies in strategic financial management, with a keen focus on maximizing your CPF Life payouts.

The journey to a fulfilling retirement isn’t solely about career progression. It’s about making smart, informed decisions with your finances, particularly in optimizing your CPF Life benefits. This approach is essential for securing the retirement lifestyle you envision.

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With a tailored strategy and careful planning, you can unlock a steady and reassuring income for your retirement years, independent of your professional achievements.

Let me guide you through this journey. With my expertise, I’ll help you navigate the complexities of financial planning and CPF Life optimization, ensuring that you step into your retirement years with confidence and security.

.Allow me to demonstrate how.

Hey, my name is Leo. And I'm a Certified Financial Planner and founder of @retiresmartsg a social platform that aims to empower and educate more working professionals about early retirement
I'm also the author of the book “The Stable Path To Retirement”. During the consultation, we will uncover the following:

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“Leo is an energetic person providing a positive influence to those with whom he interacts. His professionalism and knowledge of his industry ensures there are no questions left unanswered in determining the right strategy for his clients. He is a real pleasure to deal with.”​ – Sumri


“Leo is great financial mentor whom gives his all in everything he does. He offers new insights and fresh perspectives on the topics at hand. Leo’s professionalism also ensures only high quality information and feedback is given. All in all, Leo is someone whom you can put your trust in.” – Vincent Lee

“Leo Tan is an individual who puts his clients first before others. He is very knowledgeable and clear in responding to the doubts that I had. It’s always an enriching conversation with him as I got to know information that I didn’t know before. Can’t wait to have another meeting with you soon!” – Roshan

Retirement planning involves crafting choices for your future and designing the life you aspire to lead.

Discover how we can support you in achieving your desired retirement lifestyle today.


CPF Optimization Planning

Optimise your CPF-OA, SA and RA savings to achieve optimal returns from your CPF for your retirement

Retirement Income Planning

Create Retirement Income Streams to supplement your CPF Life Payout

Portfolio Restructuring

Re-adjust your insurance and investment portfolio to suit your post retirement needs and lifestyle

Estate Planning

Maximise your estate and create a legacy for your loved ones without compromising on your retirement lifestyle

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Harry ツ
Harry ツ
Very friendly and an enjoyable experience. He told me everything I needed to know, including the corresponding fees. Will recommend to others for his genuine attitude towards helping people.
Terence Tang
Terence Tang
Friendly and polite fella! Had a fruitful session with him, thanks Leo!
gladys chang
gladys chang
Overall it was a great experience learning and understanding how to manage my investments better. Leo is patient and knowledgeable. He conducts FREE seminar for us. FIVE STARS ✨
joshua ang
joshua ang
Great advisor, been with him for 2 years 👍🏼👍🏼 regularly checks up on my well-being and provides timely updates and workshops to create a more holistic experience.
Min Han
Min Han
Patient individual who answers to your questions clearly and give advise on wealth management for retirement and investment planning. Update and simplifies the policies as understanding the formal documents is rather complicated to his client.

It’s okay, we all start from somewhere. And this is one of the main reasons why I’m hosting this complimentary consult for 10 young working professionals, so that it can help you learn more about fianncial literacy.

No, this complimentary consult session is totally free, there will be no hidden costs for the whole process. We may advise for suitable solutions at the end of the process – after understanding your financial situation, explaining everything in detail and showing you how it works, with full transparency. The option to implement them is entirely at your discretion.

We do not condone or subject any of our clients to any form of pressure-buying. We only want the best for your financial health and ensure the most suitable financial solution according to your unique profile. In fact, 100% of clients we’ve met were extremely grateful to have experienced a value-adding personal finance consult session with Leo!

Yes! This is why I’m hosting the limited slots consultation in the first place. To help you answer all your finance questions.

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