6 Reasons Why Reading Should Be a Part of Your Life

A young lady reading a book on the balcony


Reading is one of the things we learn to do from a very young age. It’s one of the essential skills we need to survive in school and in life, and it also aids us in getting rid of our boredom. However, reading is slowly becoming a lost art form. The advent of technology gave us new ways to consume information and entertain ourselves.

Much to book lovers and writers’ chagrin, book sales dropped because of technology. For those planning to get into reading books, you might wonder what the reasons are on why you should start reading books when there are new alternatives out there. And for those who fell out of love for reading, how do you rekindle your passion for it?

Join us as we list six reasons why reading should be a part of your life, and let us discover the benefits of reading together.

Top Six Benefits of Reading


1. Broadens Creativity

A woman with a creative mind


Creativity is innate in all of us, and we only differ in how we express it. Some people find writing an excellent creative outlet, and others prefer music. Reading allows the creative juices to flow and inspire you through the help of imagination.

If a picture can paint a thousand words, words can also paint a thousand pictures. That’s what reading gives to you — the power to use your imagination to paint pictures with your head. This boost and push in creativity are why reading should be a part of your life.

Reading allows you to go to places you haven’t been to before, and it allows you to see things or creatures unique to that world.

Still on the fence regarding reading? Why don’t you give one chapter a try and be amazed by the wonders that lie behind each page?

2. Improves Communication Skills

Different types of communication


Are you somehow finding it hard to express yourself? Or is it sometimes hard for you to find the right words to use in writing or oral communication? Reading will allow you to have good communication skills because it improves your vocabulary.

Discovering new words and their meaning will allow you to add new words to your growing vocabulary. It will not only enable you to find alternative words you can use to spice things up, but it will also enable you to use the right words to hammer your point home.

If you are amazed at people who seem to have an endless supply of words to use in different situations, give reading a try. You will see improvements in your communication skills dramatically.

3. Improves Focus



Focus is an essential facet of life, and if you cannot focus, you cannot get things done. Reading will train your mind to focus for long periods if you have trouble concentrating.

Besides, it’s not hard to focus when what you’re doing is interesting to you. Think of it as training for your mind and an entertaining activity simultaneously.

Deep concentration is hard to achieve, especially in this age where a short attention span seems to be the norm. Be the exception to the rule by improving your focus. It will even affect different aspects of your life, like productivity and even confidence, since you’re getting things done quickly.

4. Gain Knowledge

Scrabble pieces spelling knowledge


Aside from the previously discussed improvement in your vocabulary, you will also learn many things through reading.

The knowledge you will gain will be dependent on the genre of the books you’re reading. If you want to increase your understanding of politics, read novels regarding politics and be well informed and entertained at the same time.

A lot of information is just waiting to be dug up and read, and all you have to do is to put forth the effort and time to get them.

5. Reduce Stress

Popping the balloon of stress


One of the main reasons people use forms of entertainment like video games or podcasts is to reduce their stress. Perhaps they want to take their mind off of work or their problems since these forms of entertainment offer some sort of escape. But did you know that reading can be just as, if not more entertaining than those things?

The immersion you will get from reading is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. It can take you to different places with different creatures through the power of your imagination. Before you know it, your stress is gone from having been on a mini-vacation through reading.

You will also find that reading is quite a relaxing experience, compared to playing video games. Playing video games will sometimes strain your eyes, not to mention the strain on your mind as well. So if you want a relaxing adventure, give reading a try.

6. Affordable Entertainment

A woman reading comfortably


Aside from time, money is a finite resource. Why spend your money on expensive forms of entertainment when you can buy affordable books? The beauty of reading is that there are many stories or articles for free, giving you all the above benefits without spending anything!

There are a lot of writers online who are still starting to publish their stories on the internet for free. There are also a lot of informative articles on the internet which will give you a lot of information about anything you’re interested in, which is also free.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the best things in life. All you have to have is a firm grasp of your interests and a willingness to spend time reading things in line with your interests.


Reading affects all facets of our being, from our focus to our overall mindset. It will also enable you to gain valuable knowledge about anything you want. Reading will also let you go to different places, relieving your stress and broadening your imagination.

We hope that we have somehow piqued your interest with this article, and we also hope that you will now see reading in a different light. Give reading a try, and discover the wonders and the adventure that come with it.


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